Vaunix has been recognized for the second year in a row by Microwaves and RF magazine for our line of solid-state, portable, driver-less, USB human interface device (HID) class test devices that you can operate from our intuitive Windows GUI, or by using our supplied library of Windows™ and Linux™ APIs that support Python™, C#, C++, MATLAB™, Java™, LabVIEW™ and more,” [...]
In the wake of Coronavirus lock-downs and limited on-site operations, businesses still feel a lot of pressure to make progress on rolling out the latest WiFi and 5G equipment. In many cases, this is an impossible task for RF engineers who work with laboratory testing systems, since the benchtop RF test instruments tend to be extremely delicate, heavy, large, and otherwise unsuited to casual setup.   Fortunately, [...]
Fading is the effect of wireless or RF/microwave signals losing strength as they drift away from, an originating antenna, or are blocked from another antenna. This can possibly end in a handover not being made and a call (or data signal) being dropped.  While driving into remote areas with no cell towers in sight, the idea is easy to understand. But in mountainous or metropolitan areas that [...]
Vaunix has announced the advanced capability to design and manufacture customized attenuator matrices for unique wireless handover testing requirements. Standard specs include an ultra-fine step size of 0.1 dB and accuracy of < 2.5 dB over 120 dB of control range. They’re ideal for making errorless attenuation transitions in ultra-high speed 5G, Wi-Fi, and PTP networks. Plus, you can easily [...]
Vaunix has recently announced the capability to deliver built-to-spec and custom engineered low phase noise multi-port synthesizers with up to four independently controlled signal sources. The core architecture has been optimized to provide superior phase noise and spurious performance while minimizing component costs and production time. Features include extremely low phase noise, 100 MHz GPSDO [...]
Vaunix continues to augment our suite of standard Lab Brick test instruments with unique customized solutions to support customer-specific test system integrations through 20 GHz. The core technology of a recent custom designed and manufactured splitter/attenuator included 600 MHz to 6 GHz bidirectional frequency coverage, 8-channels, and typical accuracy < 0.25 dB over 90 dB of control range. The [...]
Vaunix announces the launch of built-to-spec fully integrated attenuators. These RF/microwave, solid-state, rack-mount digital attenuators are fully programmable and can be designed to unique wireless testing requirements. Among our most recent achievements is an expandable, highly accurate, bi-directional attenuator offering 16 channels in a 19” rack unit chassis. It is USB powered and programmed [...]
Need a Lab Brick you don’t see on our website? Need it painted blue and maybe with an Ethernet connection instead of a USB? Is your design so specific you need ultimate narrowband or wideband performance? Do your specs require advanced RF engineering and/or unique mechanical packaging? Special programming? If you’ve answered yes to any or all these questions, Vaunix is ready to help.   While [...]
LSG, LMS and BLX Series Lab Brick RF and microwave programmable low cost Digital Signal Generators offer high output levels and excellent spectral purity through 40 GHz. They can be operated in both continuous-wave (CW) and swept-frequency modes. Starting at $1,499, these low cost, portable, handheld wireless test devices are ideal for engineering and production test laboratories, field testing, [...]
In addition to our off-the-shelf, innovative testing devices, Vaunix provides a variety of full-service custom engineering, radio repair, reconditioning, and testing solutions to our customers. We are the leading specialist in broadband point-to-point digital microwave radio repair and reconditioning services. We troubleshoot, test to manufacturer specifications, and provide failure-analysis reports.   View [...]
Lab Brick LPS Series RF and Microwave Programmable Digital Phase Shifters provide excellent phase accuracy while offering one-degree phase resolution starting at $755. These low cost, portable, wireless test devices are ideal for engineering and production test laboratories, field testing, and integration into high speed ATE systems.   View our entire catalog of Portable and Programmable [...]
All over the world passenger and commercial rail systems are operating at ever-increasing speeds and with magnitudes greater wireless communication signal requirements. Looking to seize an opportunity, Fluidmesh had an idea. This Italian design/manufacturer of Wi-Fi solutions known for bringing broadband connectivity to sites and in environments that are among the most challenging to connect, [...]
LDA series Lab Brick RF and Microwave Programmable Digital Attenuators include 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm bi-directional RF step attenuators with calibrated operation up to 20 GHz starting at $375. These low cost, portable, hand-held wireless test devices are ideal for engineering and production test laboratories, field testing, and integration into high speed automatic-test-equipment (ATE) systems. Common [...]
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