Vaunix Shares New Product Highlights During IMS 2024 in Washington, DC
Scott Blanchard, President and Co founder of Vaunix Technology Corporation highlights a few of the new Lab Brick attenuated products available.   In this video, you can catch a glimpse of the BLX 403 Vaunix Signal Generator. It's a 500 megahertz to 40 gigahertz signal generator with capabilities of pulse modulation, internal and external 10 megahertz reference, as well as frequency sequencing.   The [...]
Vaunix LDA 608V 200 – 8000 MHz Frequency USB Programmable Digital Attenuator
The LDA-608V-2 Digital Attenuator is a highly accurate, bidirectional, 50 Ohm step attenuator with 2 independently controlled attenuator paths. The LDA-608V-2 provides calibrated attenuation from 200 to 8000 MHz with an amazing step size of 0.1 dB and typical accuracy <0.25 dB over 60 dB of control range.    Read More
Set up and Configure your Vaunix Digital Attenuator with the Vaunix Web UI
Watch the video to learn how to set up and use your Vaunix Lab Brick Digital Attenuator. Simply configure your Vaunix LDA from the Vaunix Web UI. Easily set network settings, global or per channel configurations and load attenuation profile files.
Video: Vaunix BLX-403 Features and Web Interface
The Vaunix BLX-403 Lab Brick is a small footprint reasonably priced digital signal generator with a wide range of capabilities. Watch the video for an overview of the BLX-403 features and a rundown of the BLX-403 web interface.
Vaunix VMAQ8X8SE Digital Matrix Attenuator Overview
The VMA-Q8X8SE Attenuator Matrix System is a rack mounted 8 input x 8 output non-blocking test instrument with an integrated Windows server for independent operation. The VMA- Q8X8SE provides 90 dB of attenuation control range from 500 to 6000 MHz with a step size of 0.1 dB on all 64 possible path combinations. The attenuators are easily programmable for fixed attenuation, swept attenuation ramps and [...]
Unlock the Power of a Vaunix Digital Attenuator in Three Easy Steps
Watch the video to learn how to set up and use your Vaunix Lab Brick Digital Attenuator in three easy steps right out of the box. Your Lab Brick comes prepacked with user-friendly step-by-step programming instructions and an easy-to-use graphical user interface for configuring test and step attenuation settings.   See how quickly you can begin to take advantage of the impressive [...]
Vaunix Introduces New Line of Programmable RF and Microwave ATE Solutions at IMS 2022
Microwave Journal stops by the Vaunix booth at IMS 2022 in Denver to see what’s new in Vaunix fully programmable RF and Microwave ATE solutions.  Scott Blanchard, President, shares the performance highlights available in the new lineup of portable digital attenuators, signal generators, RF switches, phase shifters, matrix attenuators, and power dividers.    To [...]
New Video Highlights New RF Power Dividers / Combiners / Splitters with Tight Connector Spacing and Several Mounting Options Unveiled at IMS 2021
We’re pleased to have participated at the live tradeshow event for IMS 2021 in Atlanta and shot this video to talk about our latest devices. Watch now and learn about our new 700 MHz to 7.25 GHz RF power dividers / combiners that can be used as splitters in advanced wireless test stands such as for 5G cellular, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6E, MIMO, SIMO, and other applications. These solutions have been added [...]
Vaunix Highlights New Products at IMS 2019
At the 2019 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Vaunix unveiled several new digital Lab Bricks and newly released customizable rack units which extends their library of designs up to 40 GHz while offering a broader selection of packaging and integration options. Shot by the Microwave Journal, the video features co-Founder and President Scott Blanchard giving a brief, [...]
Scott Blanchard Discusses Vaunix
Scott Blanchard, Co-founder and President of Vaunix discusses Vaunix's Programmable Attenuators and Signal Generator capabilities. Watch now!
Portable. Programmable. Durable. The Rock Solid Lab Brick from Vaunix.
Vaunix, a manufacturer of programmable, USB powered test equipment, sets out to prove that their products are more than just ruggedized, they're rock solid at IMS 2016.
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