Low Cost & Portable RF Test Equipment: Good For The Lab And Your Home During Lockdown

Posted on Thursday, June 11, 2020
Low Cost & Portable RF Test Equipment: Good For The Lab And Your Home During Lockdown

In the wake of Coronavirus lock-downs and limited on-site operations, businesses still feel a lot of pressure to make progress on rolling out the latest WiFi and 5G equipment. In many cases, this is an impossible task for RF engineers who work with laboratory testing systems, since the benchtop RF test instruments tend to be extremely delicate, heavy, large, and otherwise unsuited to casual setup.


Fortunately, Vaunix has a solution to the RF engineer’s plight during lock-down: budget-friendly but still laboratory-grade RF test instruments powerful enough to accomplish a wide variety of RF testing and small enough to run at your kitchen table using only an external PC or laptop. It’s the perfect solution for getting the critical work of the testing lab done while working virtually. This portable RF test equipment is also a great hedge against future work disturbances and limited RF laboratory availability that might occur due to a COVID-19 resurgence.


You may doubt that you can build a professional RF test lab in such a small space and without a high capital expense. That is the beauty of the Vaunix LabBricks. These small digital attenuators, signal generators, RF switches, and phase shifters, are all built using a design approach that enables their use in automated test equipment systems or as stand-alone instruments. This means that not only are Vaunix LabBricks small, but they come with an easy to use graphical control program so you can get to work right away. They are USB controlled and powered. The extreme modularity offered by Vaunix LabBricks makes them useful in a wide range of testing scenarios. And their ruggedness has won them favor in field testing Navy radar systems.


If you don’t believe us, check out this Twitter user Tmljb2xhcyBTVEVGQUfJ (Nicolas) @mikotwit who built a 5G home lab using Vaunix LabBricks https://twitter.com/Vaunix/status/1266011390592135168. This user is right; the show must go on. For RF testing, this may mean that the #ShowMustGoHome.


Learn more about Vaunix’s budget-friendly, portable, and high performing LabBrick RF testing systems

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