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We are continuously releasing new Lab Brick portable and programmable test devices, and insightful blogs and tech briefs on innovative ATE approaches.

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Programming Lab Brick Portable RF Digital Attenuators


Our Lab Brick attenuators offer the performance and ease of configurability you need to create a wide range of measurements and simulations. Read our blog on our attenuator programming steps and discover how simple it can be.



Programming Lab Brick Portable RF Digital Attenuators

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Learn the latest on utilizing our portable, solid-state, programmable Lab Bricks to solve your wireless network testing challenges.

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Vaunix recognized by Microwaves and RF magazine as one of the 2020 RF/microwave industry leaders.

Vaunix offers over 60 low-cost, portable, and programmable Lab Bricks at various bandwidths for wireless ATE designers and RF/ microwave engineers to conduct wireless network field tests and/or RF bench tests with the exact function, frequency, and performance needed — without breaking the bank—or your back.



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