Expert Microwave Radio Repair and Custom Wireless Testing Services

Expert Microwave Radio Repair and Custom Wireless Testing Services

In addition to our off-the-shelf, innovative testing devices, Vaunix provides a variety of full-service custom engineering, radio repair, reconditioning, and testing solutions to our wireless network customers. We are the leading specialist in broadband point-to-point digital microwave radio repair and reconditioning. We troubleshoot, test to manufacturer specifications, and provide failure-analysis reports with skill and care on every digital backhaul radio repair and engineering project we work on. Along with having short lead times, we are an experienced repair center for a variety of equipment from different manufacturers including Nera, Advanced Techcom, Proxim, Stratex, Plessy Microwave, Ceragon Networks, and M/A-COM. Please see our full list below.


Custom Test Devices and Integrated ATE Systems

Vaunix is happy to customize any of our programmable Lab Brick test devices to unique customer specifications, or provide built-to-spec custom engineering and manufacturing services to customers looking for tailored and fully integrated ATE solutions for unique wireless test stand applications.


Testing Services

Vaunix has a fully equipped production test area with microwave-test capabilities up to 50 GHz and data-rate test capabilities up to STM-1/OC-3. We specialize in point-to-point digital microwave radio testing, and also process and test other wireless, wire-line and fiber-optic equipment such as programmable synthesizers and signal synthesizers.


Tower Climbing, On-site Repairs, and Hardware Consolidation

Our professionally trained tower climbers are available for immediate on-call assistance. All of our climbers are also expert technicians, allowing us to install and commission equipment in a single visit. Copies of training certificates from ComTrain are available upon request. Vaunix also receives, stocks, and re-kits hardware from multiple vendors for site-specific deliveries.


Microwave Radios We Repair:



  • CompactLink
    (sole OEM authorized repair center)
  • NL400
  • CityLink
  • InterLink

Proxim/Western Multiplex

  • Lynx
  • Tsunami


  • Canopy PTP products

Ceragon Networks

  • FibeAir 1500 series

Advanced Techcom/World Access Wireless division (ATI)

  • FSK (sole OEM authorized repair center)
  • FSK+ (sole OEM authorized repair center)
  • QAM (sole OEM authorized repair center)


  • XP4
  • XP4XP4+
  • XP4Velox series


  • MicroStar
  • MDL

Plessy Microwave

  • MDR series

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