VAUNIX Digital Attenuator Matrices Double as Wireless Handover Test Systems

VAUNIX Digital Attenuator Matrices Double as Wireless Handover Test Systems

Vaunix Digital Attenuator Handover Test Systems bring affordability, functionality, reliability and simplicity to the microwave test bench.


Vaunix offers a range of attenuator matrices for unique wireless handover testing requirements.


Traditional fading simulations have relied upon complex and expensive single-box testers, which are ultimately limited by the number of ports, internal hardware, and proprietary and inflexible software. Other methods for enabling fading simulations may also involve an array of manual or programmable attenuators set to operate in a timed sequence. However, these methods fail to provide the necessary level of reconfigurability, low costs, and ease of setup/control offered by modular and efficient USB-based digital attenuators.


  • Covering a frequency range of 500 MHz to 6000 MHz, the 64x8 Digital Matrix Attenuator enables control of 64 input signals to 8 outputs while managing the signal power for every path
  • Each of the 512 connections are capable of providing up to 90 dB of attenuation with a step size of 0.1 dB.
  • The attenuators are easily programmed for fixed attenuation, swept attenuation ramps, and/or fading profiles directly from the included Graphical User Interface (GUI).


Now handover and MIMO testing of complex 5G, WiFi, and Satcom antenna modules is easier, quicker and more cost effective than ever. Learn more about our family of products below.


Handover Test Systems: Matrix Attenuators
Model Configuration Inputs Outputs Attenuation Paths Size  
VMA-64x4-8110 64x4 64 4 64 3 RU Quote
VMA-64x8-8110 64x8 64 8 64 3 RU Quote
VMA-Q8X8 8x8 8 8 64 3 RU Quote
VMA-Q8X8SE 8x8 8 8 64 3 RU Quote
VMA-Q24X8SE 24x8 24 8 192 6 RU Quote
VMA-Q64X8SE 64x8 64 8 512 15 RU Quote
VMA-Q64X16SE 64x16 64 16 512 15 RU Quote


Handover Test Systems: Mesh Network Attenuators
Model Ports Attenuation Paths Size  
VMN-7250-4 4 6 1 RU Quote
VMN-7250-9 9 36 2 RU Quote

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