Volatile Memory option now available for Vaunix Lab Brick™ Signal Generators, Attenuators, Phase Shifters, and RF Switches

Posted on Monday, May 15, 2023

Need to protect sensitive performance data or safeguard the classified frequencies you were testing? Now you can!


When Data Security is critical for your research, engineering development or test program, select the VM (Volatile Memory) option for your Vaunix Lab Brick™ Signal Generators, Attenuators, Phase Shifters, and RF Switches.


Your Volatile Memory-enabled Lab Brick will only retain testing frequencies and other potentially classified information until the power is disconnected. Once the Lab Brick is turned off, all user control settings and data are lost forever. Your Lab Brick is now ready to be used by the next technician or on the next project without the security concerns of other products.


Letter of Volatility

A letter of volatility will be shipped with the device.


Adding the Optional Volatile Memory feature to a Vaunix Lab Brick™

Simply select any standard Vaunix Lab Brick™ and add the VM (Volatile Memory) suffix to the end of the part number and request a quote.

The following Vaunix Lab Brick products are already available with the Volatile Memory (VM) Feature:


VM Feature Vaunix Part Number Description
checkmark LDA-302P-1-VM 10 - 3000 MHz Digital Atten, 2 Watts, 1.0 dB
checkmark LMS-203-VM 10 - 20 GHz Signal Generator
checkmark LPS-202-VM 1 - 2 GHz Phase Shifter
checkmark LPS-402-VM 2 - 4 GHz Phase Shifter


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