Sweep Trigger Enables Synchronization of Linear Frequency Sweep Functionality with Other Test Instruments

Posted on Friday, April 05, 2013

Vaunix has announced a new optional feature for their LMS Signal Generator line. The LMS Sweep Trigger enables the user to synchronize linear frequency sweep functionality with other Lab Brick test instruments.

The Lab Brick LMS series of USB-compatible, synthesized signal generators features low noise, fast 100-microsecond switching time, and fine 100 Hz frequency resolution, requiring no additional DC supply. Advanced features are phase-continuous linear-frequency sweeping; selectable internal/external 10 MHz reference; optional pulse modulation; ability for GUI software to track and control several connected signal generators, simplifying multiple-signal test setups; and device storage of settings in internal memory, allowing power-up in a specific instrument state. Construction is robust aluminum.

For more information on Vaunix, their LMS series of USB-compatible, synthesized signal generators, and the new Sweep Trigger Option go to: http://vaunix.com/products/lms-signal-generator/overview.cfm

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