Programming High Speed Portable RF Lab Brick Switches

Posted on Thursday, February 14, 2019
Programming High Speed Portable RF Lab Brick Switches

High-speed switches, like our Lab Brick models are integral parts of many test systems. Lab Brick software lets you operate your switch (or switches) in four modes. Manual control mode lets you operate the switch from the computer's display. You just select “Internal” in the switch control window ,and in the switch setting window, select the path you want to connect.


In Fast-Switch Mode (Pulse), very useful for use as a pulse monitor, the active RF channel switches between RFC/RF1 and RFC/RF2. You can select pulse width and repetition intervals between 100 ns and 999 s and the minimum pulse 100 ns. In the mode simply choose “Internal” from the Switch control window, then “Fast Switch Mode”, and enter our desired pulse width and repetition Intervals. In the Pulsed Output section, choose “On”.


In Pattern Switching Mode, you can program the active RF channel to switch in any sequence by selecting the connection sequence and the duration of each connection. Minimum duration at each switch location is 1 ms and maximum duration is 100,000 s. In many situations, it is desirable to control the states of the Lab Brick switch from an external source via TTL logic commands. Rather than showing them here, please refer to the manual that came included with your RF switch, roviding the control tables, which are very easy to construct.


Please remember, you can always save your current settings within the device by simply clicking “File” at the top of the display and “Save Current Settings”. When your Lab Brick switch is operated again, it will automatically set up to this set of parameters.


Like all Vaunix Lab Brick products, multiple switches can be operated together from a single computer and controlled via the software interface. Simply connect the switches, one after another as described at the beginning of this blog. The switches can be connected directly to computer's USB port or through a self-powered USB hub.


Learn more about our software interface and shop our RF Switches now,

If you have questions about any of our Lab Brick products, please contact our technical support team.

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