Custom RF Programmable Signal Generators, Attenuators, Switches, and Phase Shifters

Posted on Wednesday, November 08, 2017
By dave
Custom RF Programmable Signal Generators, Attenuators, Switches, and Phase Shifters

Where can you find an RF designer or manufacturer of wireless ATE devices that can deliver high performance at a reasonable cost for your custom applications? The answer is once again, Vaunix. We routinely handle requests for a special capability or feature that our Lab Brick signal generators, digtal attenuators, phase shifters, and switches do not have as standard features. As an example, pulse modulation and external sweep triggering capabilities are optionally available for our LMS Series signal generators and an external reference input and an RF output of +13 dBm can be specified for the LSG Series signal generators.


Even though Lab Brick products are available in a variety of models, we also can in many cases customize them to meet specific customer requirements. We frequently customize Lab Brick signal generators, digital RF attenuators, and switches to vary electrical characteristics, as well as connector types, and unique packaging, including integrated rack mount systems.


So if you don’t see a certain feature, need a different type of connector, or desire a change in one of our products’ specifications or packages, please ask. We may not be able to accommodate every request, but we’ll do our best to make it happen.



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