8 x 8 Matrix Attenuator Offers 90 dB of Signal Attenuation and an Ultra-fine 0.1 dB Step Size up to 6 GHz.

Posted on Thursday, September 17, 2020
8 x 8 Matrix Attenuator Offers 90 dB of Signal Attenuation and an Ultra-fine 0.1 dB Step Size up to 6 GHz.

Vaunix Technology Corporation has announced the release of their latest piece of integrated equipment for wireless testing.


Operating within frequency bands that include UHF, L-, S-, and C-band (a total coverage of 500 MHz to 6 GHz), model VMA-Q8X8SE is an 8X8 Digital Matrix Attenuator that can be used as a fully programmable wireless handover test System. It features a full-fan-out design with all paths operating bidirectionally.


Inside the space saving 3RU 19 inch rack mount chassis, the user independently controls each of the 64 attenuators providing up to 90 dB of attenuation and offer an ultra-small step size of just 0.1 dB. The channels can also be easily programmed to create fading profiles using fixed attenuation modes or swept attenuation ramps with Vaunix's easy-to-use software and intuitive user interface.


The integrated Windows PC (optional) is accessed through the rear panel and can be configured for DHCP or Static IP for customized network simplicity and security. Standard SMA female input connectors are located on the rear panel with and output coaxial connectors provide easy access to the 8x8 matrix system. A convenient single Ethernet port for remote operation is located at the rear of the unit as well as a standard 120/230 VAC power port.


Handover testing experts, particularly those working in MIMO using complex 5G, Wi-Fi, and Satcom antenna modules will find value in the ease and flexibility of creating test applications.


Request a formal quote and delivery time for a VMA-Q8X8SE by visiting: vaunix.com/handover-test-systems/


Vaunix also offers a 64X8 Matrix Attenuator, as well as custom engineered, integrated wireless test systems.

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