STEM Students Learn About Lab Brick Test Equipment

Posted on Tuesday, June 24, 2014
By Scott Blanchard

The STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) has been gaining popularity as a point of educational emphasis recently. STEM is a segment of education where the US can see significant growth but also, an area that is very important to the future of the US.  These fields are being emphasized to increase popularity and interest for youth and at IMS 2014, the show hosted its own STEM Program.


During a day of the tradeshow, young STEM enthusiasts were led through the tradeshow floor to hear from vendors at the booth.  We were fortunate enough to have these students stop by our booth and learn a bit about our usb digital attenuators, signal generators, switches, phase shifters, hubs, and all our lab brick test equipment.


As we talked about the importance for accurate measurements in commercial, wireless, industrial applications and more, we were very happy to answer any and all questions that these students had for us. If you wish to learn more about the STEM initiatives happening in the US, you can read more here.  We look forward to what the future holds for those just entering the STEM fields.

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